April 26, 2024

Real Estate's ​# 1 Deal Tracker​, for Agents, Teams & Transaction coordinators

Agents and brokerages are constantly challenged to demonstrate their value to Buyers & Sellers. Sometimes you do not get a fair  chance to show all the tasks, communication, coordination and value you bring to the table to close a sale.

This collaboration is set to simplify the way real estate agents, teams and brokerages handle their real estate transactions, offering innovative deal management solutions to streamline transactions, save time and enhance productivity. With Trackxi's user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, agents can efficiently manage their transactions from start to finish, ensuring a seamless experience for both themselves and their clients. You can also share the transaction details to everyone in the transaction (buyers, sellers, cooperating agents, lenders, escrow & others) so they have 100% transparency!

Top Features includes:

  • Transaction dashboard (patent pending) with an ultra modern and easy to use interface
  • ability to share the entire transaction to all parties in the transaction (live)
  • automated daily task planner
  • simple to use prospect management
  • business planner and target setting/tracking
  • email templates for routine tasks
  • ability for teams and brokerages to push tasks to agents
  • password manager
  • lockbox manager & more.
  • all created by an experienced agent team like yours!


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